Amity Management Consultancy Services

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Amity Management Consultancy Services believes recruitment process is an important professional service provided to the top management in various industries.   We have a team of highly skilled professionals with expertise in seeking talented senior executives, junior management and minimum wagers who will make strategic difference to your operations.  The process of recruiting involves methodical analysis, planning and research in order to develop target lists of candidates who represent the best  and competent talent nationwide for a particular position.  Here in AMCS, we work with the highest levels of integrity and confidentiality, and with sensitivity to the needs of all parties. 

  • Executives and Managers 
  • Rank and File  (Accounting, Marketing, Human Resources, Engineering, Information Technology, Business Management,  Medical)
  • Merchandising and Promodising
  • Factory Workers ( Piece Raters, Sewers, Machine Handlers, Welders, Packer/Bagger, Stuffer etc)
  • Drivers, Riders, Service Crews, Messengers, Cashiers